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A Navigator’s View


The worldview matters at sea.

The back view is for stoic eyes that feel.

Do I curse the day I stepped into the ship, in excitement?

Unknown to me this ship was but a bittersweet attainment?

Through the storm to the serenity of the calmness of drifting waves,

Loneliness gave way to tunes of melancholia craves…

Imagining the ugliness of returning:

Returning to the hustle.

Returning to the abundance of the metropolis’ contradiction.

I wish to be a contained bird at sea instead.

Let the tunes of my daily life sync to the amoebic, rumbling maritime.

Let my reflective mind be full of another sort of wonder:

wondering what would become of me if I dared leave.

How could I bear to leave nature’s mist?

How dare I leave the vast spectrum of endless possibilities?

A hundred things to become!

A hundred actions my noble heart could take!

Regardless phones are ringing constantly:

the tones of my love are calling,

Her every word melts my heart.

I am a coastal navigator.

I am responsible for bringing human, basic needs to their disposal.

I am a bridge between tributaries of worlds.

I wouldn’t cry much after that, because I understand the price of loneliness.

Oladunjoye Daniel Oluseye and Taiye J. K. Ishola [07-01-2022]

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