A word, please

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A word, please

I am a word, piercing the air unseen.

I am a word, slipping through your ear.

I am a word, settling in your heart.

I am a word, knotting in your belly.

I am a word, seeking connection .

I am a word, beginning a sentence.

I am a word, ending a sentence.

I am a word, heavy with meaning.

I am a word spoken, repeatedly.

I am a word not uttered, hanging on the tip of my tongue.

I am a word with an impression.

I am an insignificant word.

I am a word, not many but one.

I am short; long, flimsy; wisdom full, etc.

I am a word combined over time.

I am a word at that moment.

I am a word, building or destroying.

I am the word in your mind.

I am the word in your heart.

I am the word on your tongue.

I am the form.

I am the result.

“A word, please.”

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