A word, please

I am a word, piercing the air unseen.

I am a word, slipping through your ear.

I am a word, settling in your heart.

I am a word, knotting in your belly.

I am a word, seeking connection .

I am a word, beginning a sentence.

I am a word, ending a sentence.

I am a word, heavy with meaning.

I am a word spoken, repeatedly.

I am a word not uttered, hanging on the tip of my tongue.

I am a word with an impression.

I am an insignificant word.

I am a word, not many but one.

I am short; long, flimsy; wisdom full, etc.

I am a word combined over time.

I am a word at that moment.

I am a word, building or destroying.

I am the word in your mind.

I am the word in your heart.

I am the word on your tongue.

I am the form.

I am the result.

“A word, please.”

4 thoughts on “A word, please

  1. Like a sword,a word pierces through us but like a flower,it blooms all within us…a word is all it takes,learn discernment and choose what you’d want to hear….a word 🤗

    Taiye is just amazing, simply amazing

    1. She is a phenomenal. A voice to be reckoned with. I salute her sagacity and prowess in word usage. The sky is just the beginning for her.

  2. Since both the visible and the invisible find their existence in the power of word, I think a word is enough to make my thought known on this poem…… AWESOME

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