About you

There’s something about you.

Flower die and bloom.
Fall by dry and winter show.
You’re bright pink tonight.

Dancer seeking flight.
Steadfast Ascension, snowdrop.
Come alive, die slow.

Roll the wheel, flower.
To be a rose you grow thorns.
Roll the wheel, dancer.

Complete perfection.
Petals drop, petals red bloom.
Dancer slide and ride.

There’s something about you.

Let in the fresh air.
Pick it before it withers.
Sugar solution.

Trim the edges_ tame.
Sucking stem loves sweet water.
Trim the wild to tame.

The storm is sudden.
You are by the trimmed petals.
Pluck_ he loves me_ pluck.

Does not.
Does too.
Does not.
Does too.

Pluck, pluck.

Brown withered paper.
Fly to your root.
Bloom the shoot.
Crack_ twigs and dried leaves cracking.
Crunch_ someone is approaching.

Dance in the wind heave.
Rigid ballet, frigid get.
Dance on darling pound.

There’s something about you.

5 thoughts on “About you

  1. This is so sweet, something about me I didn’t know could be told in such a manner…I’m feeling confident 🌟💃

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