Bones of the Iron King

The plight of the haunted.

Curse of the unwanted.

You will never be free of me.

Never be free to be.

Never be left in peace.

I’ll be in your dreams.

Drag you to my valley of streams.

Pluck you and never let you be,

every time you feel at ease.

Mi amor por el tiempo pasado.

I’m everywhere.

I hear the swish of your skirts and soft hands.

I’m hovering at your hair’s breath.

I’m coming.

I’m plunging,

down through the skies.

I’d appear before your very eyes.

I’d comes to take what’s mine.

Mi amor por el tiempo pasado.

You hear me in your back streets.

I’m coming mi Amor through your streets.

A/N: Mi amor por el tiempo pasado.   Spanish for lover of time past.

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