The truth will always be the truth. Everyone has individual truths. Many are the diversities of life as there are truths. Many share a belief, values, and principles Many mighty truths don’t overpower the truth. There are many standing truths.   A truth may be a discreet Ruth. It may be a continual buzz sleuth. […]

Vida, my beloved

As night closes in,The moon holds shade of absence.You, here no longer. Rousing inceptionThe dawn steals your gentle breathes.The cold of comfort. You, here in my a stranger in nowhere.Leave to see again. Even dogs eat crumbs,from the master’s great table.Love conquers the law. Yes, the dead in Christshall rise on the trumpet boomand […]

Value Enumeration

Beware of that friend, who is anything but one, Whose face is not two but three: One grinning and winking to your face; The two comminating and brinking for your disgrace; The other, is the sinister puppeteer, which makes you the tragedian. This mendacious laughter resonates in your mind deck, But they clap their mighty […]

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