Not okay

Drip drop, flip flop, splash!What will happen with nothing?Here lies a puddle of sea. The mark of soul on a soleThe true meaning of nothing…..The void of blue skies. Round lobe, round globe, loop…The sky is starry dark blue…Mounting skies are up. I love colour blueThe colour of love they say.Drawing things to be drawn. […]


I don’t want to be a coconut shell, but the white and milkiness of the inner within — basking in the luxury of mystery. To keep people wondering, But not quite phantoming the mystery that is me. But we must all have shells, If not, how will you be soft?

The texture of insanity

The texture of insanity is the choke of smoke fumes, rushing at your lungs and all you can think is the aftermath of lung cancer or cell apoptosis. It has a charcoaly thickness and stiffness to the feel – exactly like silver scraps sticking in places with no place to settle. The texture of insanity […]

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