About you

There’s something about you. Flower die and bloom.Fall by dry and winter show.You’re bright pink tonight. Dancer seeking flight.Steadfast Ascension, snowdrop.Come alive, die slow. Roll the wheel, flower.To be a rose you grow thorns.Roll the wheel, dancer. Complete perfection.Petals drop, petals red bloom.Dancer slide and ride. There’s something about you. Let in the fresh air.Pick […]

Bones of the Iron King

The plight of the haunted. Curse of the unwanted. You will never be free of me. Never be free to be. Never be left in peace. I’ll be in your dreams. Drag you to my valley of streams. Pluck you and never let you be, every time you feel at ease. Mi amor por el […]

The faceless woman

Grandfather wants to tell a tale, So he starts from his past. “I knew a woman once.” Grandfather confessed. “She was no one to me, you see.” Grandfather likes his tea crushed and well dried. I watch him prepare himself a cup, as I sit impatiently. I found her discarded in the attic, among the […]

No words

No words Sinatra.Neigh it to the horse.Pitch it silently to us. No more words to say.We have said so much in zest.Hands caress their tips. No more words uttered.It is chilling to the bone.Marrows crack like ice. No more words to feel.We are gargoyles burdened.It’s no gossamer. No words to confess.Bless me father for I […]

I love you!

I used to love you.Five hundred years strong.I used to hold you like this. You used to know us.We used to sing symposiums.Strings aligned in trust. Bleed your heart out, sole.Staccato to legato;Uneven strands calmed. Do you feel naked?Does your shame make it more so?Your flaws unleashed, one… Two, three… too much, hide. ‘Where are […]

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