I hate you

I hate you deep down. I hate you like a feeling. I hate you right now. I dislike you like a precise thorn. I resent your gaze upon my dermis. I hate it for you to see me like this; black and pink, black and pink. I hate your tender caution upon my tender skin. […]

Love is a gift

Love is a gift.Not a deal. Nor a mild fitOf oxytocin,Pumping throughyour veins. Love is a rightbestowed. It is the libertyto cherish a moment. To explore,humanity and faraway placeswe dare not venturewith our feet. Love is a rewardgiven; not bestowedto many, sadly. It is a decisionTo touch oneselfand others. Love might beFor a time or […]

The bloodsucker

On the matter of the mosquito. Under the evening’s afterglow. I scratched at my itching afro. When the thought came to me, in form of a daunting fly. It pierced my flesh, till I shed a tear. I slapped myself, each and everywhere. Dangling before me was the fly that had made me cry. ‘You’re […]

Off with their heads!

I am glad I don’t read hearts lest i become the red Queen screaming: Off with his head! Off with her head! Off with their heads!

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