I hate you

I hate you deep down.

I hate you like a feeling.

I hate you right now.

I dislike you like a precise thorn.

I resent your gaze upon my dermis.

I hate it for you to see me like this;

black and pink, black and pink.

I hate your tender caution upon my tender skin.

I hate your presence now.

You should go.

Don’t say it.

I will not look at you.

I will not see your love.

I cannot feel your touch.

I will never think of yesterday.

I never want to see you again.

I never want to hold your hand, feel your kiss on my blistered cheek.

I will not remember your scent.

I never want to hold your hand.

I hate your care let out so bare.

I never want you to see me like this;

Burnt grotesque Picasso.

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