Love is a gift

Love is a gift.
Not a deal.

Nor a mild fit
Of oxytocin,
Pumping through
your veins.

Love is a right

It is the liberty
to cherish a moment.

To explore,
humanity and faraway places
we dare not venture
with our feet.

Love is a reward
given; not bestowed
to many, sadly.

It is a decision
To touch oneself
and others.

Love might be
For a time or forever.

Love is sacrifice
To withhold
one’s throne.
To embrace
the shame of mankind.

Love is not
just a feeling.

Nor precisive action only, but what you do carelessly for those you adore.

Love is a stone,
Felt in weight
Received and given,
Lightly as a feather,
Heavily like a reprover.

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