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No words

No words Sinatra.
Neigh it to the horse.
Pitch it silently to us.

No more words to say.
We have said so much in zest.
Hands caress their tips.

No more words uttered.
It is chilling to the bone.
Marrows crack like ice.

No more words to feel.
We are gargoyles burdened.
It’s no gossamer.

No words to confess.
Bless me father for I have…
It’s no lattice prude.

No words to spark life.
I love you Jasmine.
I love you more Benjamin.

No words to thorn on.
Screw this nuisance in my pores.
My neck, my sides… No!

No more tomorrow.
Forever today’s progress.
Sing of past gallops.

I have this words for you Love.
Not I love, or plead.
Write my words in short.

No words said dear us.
Walk me through life’s pitch.
Walk me back forever mile.

No more us… No words.
I’ve missed you, you me.
We sit side by side; worlds apart.

We speak words mutely.
Enthusiastically bloomed.
Words fail in due time.

We need words to thrive.
I need you to explain why.
Why not just hold hands.

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