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Not okay

Drip drop, flip flop, splash!
What will happen with nothing?
Here lies a puddle of sea.

The mark of soul on a sole
The true meaning of nothing…..
The void of blue skies.

Round lobe, round globe, loop…
The sky is starry dark blue…
Mounting skies are up.

I love colour blue
The colour of love they say.
Drawing things to be drawn.

Small, little is big.
Staring at the void to see.
The colour of blank.

The good with blank screens;
Imagination’s power…
I close my eyes wide.

Read me unclearly.
Happy; sad faces smiling
Happy is nappy.

Remnants of childhood…
A Barbie bag_ childish scrawl.
Would I let you go.

What is gravity?
When up stays up and down, down.
Force equals action.

Action; reaction.
Stalemate of equal constants.
Gravity pull, push.

Under the blanket.
I think the monsters will go.
Go, shoo! Go where? Dear..

Pretty little things.
We love pretty little things.
What are my to do?

Minimus in pool.
Shock waves shoot up, within, out.
Ferret, my heart, numb.

Nothing is something.
Nobody is somebody
Is nobody, please_

Stand_ anybody
Noisy room, crack, crack.
Grassy nimble roots.

The world is a lie
The lie is nothing_ something
Anything, say it…

Buzz, radio thoughts, buzz
Change the station, tune the buzz
I’m alive like now.

Don’t want to do stuff.
Like now is not okay, no.
Bury the laundry.

It’s stuffy today.
Fill the sky’s cloudy numb.
What a boring day.

What a sort of day
Day that makes you feel nothing.
__Sun is a loud out.

Kiss my cheek, giggle.
Skies, dark blue kisses the sun.
It doesn’t matter.

I love you anyway.
Whirling ocean view of thoughts
The rain is crying.

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